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Dagstuhl 2011: Verifiability and the Public

I'm right now attending the 2011 Dagstuhl seminar on 'Verfiability and the Public'. Like 2007, we are discussing current topics with experts on e-voting from around the world! Read more here.

Summer in the City

Basically one month after the last snowfall (on 3 May 2011!) Warsaw now we can truely say - Summer will also come to Poland. Sun, with it light and warm weather has finally arrived ... YES! :-)

E-Voting made it into the German Dictionary DUDEN

One of the standard dictionaries for contemporary German has added "E-Voting" - and for those remembering discussions about correct spelling of "E-Voting" in German, it is spelled with capitalized "E" and "V" (similiar to "E-Mail") and with a hyphen "-".

In English - following the Chicago school - "e-voting" is not capitalized, only the "E-" at the beginning of sentences or in titles, so it would the be "E-voting".

Re-Vote 2011 in Trento/Italy

Once more I will have the opportunity to travel to the beautiful city of Trento/Italy later this summer. This time I have been asked to give the opening keynote to the "International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Electronic Voting Systems" on 29 August 2011.

If you're interested to submit a paper - the deadline for submission has been extended until 8 June 2011. So still time to come up with something! :-)

ODIHR turns Twenty!

The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights is celebrating its 20th anniversary today!

More about its history can be seen in this video.

Estonia EAM 2011 Final Report Published

Earlier today the final report of the election assessment mission to the Riigikogu 2011 elections in Estonia was published. Read it here.

WU Alumni Get-together in Warsaw

Marcin, Christina, Guenther, and myself are organizing the third get-together of WU Alumnis here in Warsaw. Come and join us on 19 May, 1900 in Restauracja Arensal. More information also on Facebook or send me an e-mail.

Electronic Democracy

Colleagues from the Democratization department will organize this year's Human Dimension Seminar in Warsaw. One session will deal with electronic democracy on the 20 May 2011. I'm very excited to see my new office discuss a topic that has been close to my heart for so many years.

Find more about the seminar here.

PS: On Tuesday, the day before the seminar, our new office building will be officially opened ...